21 July 2012

Summer Haul: Pull and Bear, Easons, Penneys and Claire's

Hello bubbly girlies! I went shopping this week and bought these: 

Blue Jeans from Pull and Bear

I love these jeans! Apart from the fact that they are hard to get on, they are comfy and look great with white.

 Books and a magazine from Easons

I bought this book as a summer read. It has quite big text so I might fly though it in a day or two.

I saw this sketchbook/fashion diary in KISS magazine and decided I should give it a go.
I haven't filled it out yet though.

I have never read Bliss magazine before. It's good, but not as good as KISS magazine.

I was going to buy false nails to experiment with in Boots but these came free with Bliss. I will blog about my first try with these soon.

 Impulse Very Very Pink Body Spray in Boots

This is a lovely girly scent and I like it a lot. It's also very cheap.

Swimming Shorts from Penneys

These shorts have a nice summery design and are great for lounging on the beach or swimming in the ocean.

 Sunglasses, Phone Sock and Flower Hair Clip from Claire's

I have broken or lost all of my past sunglasses so I needed new ones. The phone sock is cute and protects my phone in a way. Also, I love buying things for my hair and I loved the flower.

See you later girlies!

For Now, Jane xox

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