15 July 2012

Nails #3: Stamping Nail Art

Hello girlies! I'm back with another post about nails. I really love painting them! 
This week I tried the Konad Stamping Nail Art kit I bought in America. The instructions are below.

When I tried it my very first time it was extremely hard to do. It didn't work very well. You couldn't see the red on the stamp and the white just didn't work. Only the blue worked alright. I might have to practice more at it. On the website, it says its easy. It's certainly not (at first)!

My first attempt

I then got my sister to help!
 I think I should just practice more...

I decided to paint my toenails this week in the pink Sephora nail polish by O.P.I. I just love this colour.

On a blog called the Fashion Chain, there was a tutorial on how to paint your nails like Taylor Swift's in her music video of 'Our Song'. I tried it out with my nail art pens. It looks really pretty!

That's all peeps! Please follow!

For Now, Jane xox

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