04 July 2012

Nails #2: Nail Art Pens

Hiya! In this post I will show you how to do a french manicure on your nails. It is very simple. What I used was Rimmel 60 seconds clear nail polish and Nail Supreme art pen in white.

First, paint your nails with the clear nail polish.

Then, grab the pen and draw on the tip of your nail.

Let it dry and... Ta da!!! You now have beautiful french mani!

Below is three designs I did after I did the french manicure. The Ireland flag is my fave!

This is the equipment I used for the three designs.

Now here is the collection, the awesome collection of Nail Supreme art pens. I bought it them Hamleys in London. They're really good. 
That's all for now lovelies, bye bye!

Next week: Konad Stamping Nail Art

For Now, Jane xox

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