01 July 2012

Nails #1: Basic Colours

Hello lovelies! Sorry, I never got time to post this the other day, I have been really busy, but here it is. I tried out three nail polishes out of my collection of 32.
Yeah, it's quite a lot! I just love painting my nails!

Anyway, so the first I tried was a dark shade of purple from Claire's. I didn't put it on my pinky very well so it doesn't look very good, but actually it is a nice nail varnish. It's one of my favourites.

Now this is a really cute shade of pink. It's not from Sephora, its by OPI. I'm not exactly sure where you can buy it because my Mum gave it to me. I really love this colour. 

This is a cool colour from Jack Wills. Yes, it is purple again but is a much lighter shade. Obviously you can buy it in Jack Wills. I decided to apply the nail polish on all of my nails that day. I'm still wearing it!

So some time during next week I'll show you a trick on how to do a french mani on your nails with nail art pens. Stay tuned!

For Now, Jane xox


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    1. OMG!!!!! Thanks so much!!!!!!!!!!! I did read it and i was so shocked to see my blog name on it i was like OMG thanks so much

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