21 July 2012

Summer Haul: Pull and Bear, Easons, Penneys and Claire's

Hello bubbly girlies! I went shopping this week and bought these: 

Blue Jeans from Pull and Bear

I love these jeans! Apart from the fact that they are hard to get on, they are comfy and look great with white.

 Books and a magazine from Easons

I bought this book as a summer read. It has quite big text so I might fly though it in a day or two.

I saw this sketchbook/fashion diary in KISS magazine and decided I should give it a go.
I haven't filled it out yet though.

I have never read Bliss magazine before. It's good, but not as good as KISS magazine.

I was going to buy false nails to experiment with in Boots but these came free with Bliss. I will blog about my first try with these soon.

 Impulse Very Very Pink Body Spray in Boots

This is a lovely girly scent and I like it a lot. It's also very cheap.

Swimming Shorts from Penneys

These shorts have a nice summery design and are great for lounging on the beach or swimming in the ocean.

 Sunglasses, Phone Sock and Flower Hair Clip from Claire's

I have broken or lost all of my past sunglasses so I needed new ones. The phone sock is cute and protects my phone in a way. Also, I love buying things for my hair and I loved the flower.

See you later girlies!

For Now, Jane xox

15 July 2012

Nails #3: Stamping Nail Art

Hello girlies! I'm back with another post about nails. I really love painting them! 
This week I tried the Konad Stamping Nail Art kit I bought in America. The instructions are below.

When I tried it my very first time it was extremely hard to do. It didn't work very well. You couldn't see the red on the stamp and the white just didn't work. Only the blue worked alright. I might have to practice more at it. On the website, it says its easy. It's certainly not (at first)!

My first attempt

I then got my sister to help!
 I think I should just practice more...

I decided to paint my toenails this week in the pink Sephora nail polish by O.P.I. I just love this colour.

On a blog called the Fashion Chain, there was a tutorial on how to paint your nails like Taylor Swift's in her music video of 'Our Song'. I tried it out with my nail art pens. It looks really pretty!

That's all peeps! Please follow!

For Now, Jane xox

04 July 2012

Nails #2: Nail Art Pens

Hiya! In this post I will show you how to do a french manicure on your nails. It is very simple. What I used was Rimmel 60 seconds clear nail polish and Nail Supreme art pen in white.

First, paint your nails with the clear nail polish.

Then, grab the pen and draw on the tip of your nail.

Let it dry and... Ta da!!! You now have beautiful french mani!

Below is three designs I did after I did the french manicure. The Ireland flag is my fave!

This is the equipment I used for the three designs.

Now here is the collection, the awesome collection of Nail Supreme art pens. I bought it them Hamleys in London. They're really good. 
That's all for now lovelies, bye bye!

Next week: Konad Stamping Nail Art

For Now, Jane xox

01 July 2012

Nails #1: Basic Colours

Hello lovelies! Sorry, I never got time to post this the other day, I have been really busy, but here it is. I tried out three nail polishes out of my collection of 32.
Yeah, it's quite a lot! I just love painting my nails!

Anyway, so the first I tried was a dark shade of purple from Claire's. I didn't put it on my pinky very well so it doesn't look very good, but actually it is a nice nail varnish. It's one of my favourites.

Now this is a really cute shade of pink. It's not from Sephora, its by OPI. I'm not exactly sure where you can buy it because my Mum gave it to me. I really love this colour. 

This is a cool colour from Jack Wills. Yes, it is purple again but is a much lighter shade. Obviously you can buy it in Jack Wills. I decided to apply the nail polish on all of my nails that day. I'm still wearing it!

So some time during next week I'll show you a trick on how to do a french mani on your nails with nail art pens. Stay tuned!

For Now, Jane xox