30 December 2012

❄ Blogmas Day 2012! + OOTDs ❄

Hey everyone!
I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas that you had a nice time with your family or friends and that you got lots of goodies!!!
I have some amazing news...

I got a new camera!!!!!!!!!!
It is the Canon PowerShot SX40 HS and I am sharing it with my sister. We were sooooo happy and grateful when we received it! And guess what I'm gonna use it for? My blog!
Recently I was thinking of making a YouTube channel as I think I might be allowed now. If I had one, I would make videos like OOTWs, nail tutorials, make up looks, tags and reviews. Do you think I should start a YouTube? Comment down below!
Plus, I will be sharing with you what else I got for Christmas either later today or tomorrow. I will not be bragging at all and I am 100% grateful for EVERYTHING I got. I love watching the 'What I got for Christmas' videos on YouTube and reading the posts on blogs, so I really want to share with you guys as well! Would you guys like to see a Christmas Haul?

My Photography Skills once again :P

Let's get on to my OOTDs!

Christmas Morning PJs

Onesie - Penneys

Christmas Party Outfit

Blazer - Bershka
Top - Bershka
Jeans - Bershka
(a lot of Bershka!)
Boots - UGG Australia

My Christmas FOTD

I had a wonderful day and I had great fun with my family and had a succulent dinner with turkey and roast potatoes! Mmmmmmmm turkeeeeyyy!

  For Now, Jane xox

24 December 2012

❄ Blogmas Eve 2012 - Merry Christmas Everyone! ❄

 4 HOURS 'TIL CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm super excited and today I will share with you what I've been doing since I was off school.
On Friday my school had a Carol Service and I finished school at 12 o'clock. I went to my friend's party that evening which was good craic.
On Saturday morning I received my report card and I was pleased with it. In the afternoon I went shopping in my local shopping centre and bought last minute Christmas presents as well as stuff for myself from Penneys and Boots.
Here's what I bought:


Yesterday, I went on a trip to Dublin city, which was amazing! I went last year as well and my family decided to make it an annual trip.
We left the house and at around 11 am and had lunch in Fallon and Byrne. Next we went into Superdry; found nothing there. After, we popped into the new Abercrombie shop and it was HEAVEN! I bought a new red sweatshirt from there that I'm wearing today (you'll see my OOTD later) and it smells so nice. Yes, that's what I said. It smells yummy. :P
My family did buy a few things themselves also, as we looked around most of the best shops, like Jack Wills, Lush, The Body Shop, Brown Thomas etc, but I didn't find anything more. 
So the sweatshirt was the only thing I bought yesterday in the capital of Ireland, but the experience was so enjoyable. The lights were lit up at around 4 pm and the streets were packed with people; it was so much fun. I'm glad I didn't buy too much 'cus, you know who's coming to town tonight...

(Photo is not mine)
That evening,  we had dinner in Ely, which was delicious, and then we headed off to a show in the Grand... oh excuse me, the Bord Gais Energy Theatre  Guess what show? My parents forced me and my siblings to go to Handel's Messiah. Now wasn't that a surprise!? It wasn't as boring as you might think. There was beautiful music including "HALLELUJAH" (I bet you screamed that in that choir voice in your head :P). I like operas like Rigoletto and went to the show with my Dad two summers ago and, you know what, I loved it! So, the Messiah was quite nice, but not 100% enjoyable. I wanted to fall asleep sometimes as I was so tired.

It was a great family outing overall! Now, let's go on to some more Christmas-y stuff!

As most people (should) know Christmas is a time to celebrate Christ's birth over 2000 years ago. I'm going to Mass this evening as I'm a Catholic  Many Christians do go to Mass at Christmas, but most forget what the weeks of Advent or the special day are about; they're too busy thinking about the presents and Santa and the food, the decorations and the tree. And to be honest, I'm like that too. So tonight, I'm going to spend more time thinking about Jesus and his birth, as it isn't all about the presents you know.
(Sorry if you're not a Christian, I do respect other religions)

Here's my outfit for Christmas Eve! 
Very casual and laid back, as I'm not doing much today.

Sweatshirt - Abercrombie and Fitch
Tank top - Hollister
Jeans - Zara
Boots - UGG Australia

My family and I were getting the house ready as my cousins are actually coming over here. I made mince pies with my sis and click here for a recipe!
Here are a few pics of them:

I have been tracking Santa for most of the day today on Dainty Sprinkles, Christmas Santa Tracker and obviously NORAD Santa Tracker. It's so cool. I know Santa isn't real, and it's a little bit childish, but who cares?

Tomorrow I'll post an OOTD of my Christmas morning outfit, (which is obviously pajamas) and my Christmas party outfit. Also, I'll show you a few things I received for Christmas. If I don't get time tomorrow, I will blog sometime later this week.

Before I say goodbye, here's a little song for you...


18 December 2012

❄ Winterlicious Tag! ❄

This tag was created by Macbarbie07 and I got tagged by Gaby of Don't Need Make Up to Cover Up (thanks a bunch!). I have been tagged before for the Liebster Award (which is not a real award, BTW) by a few people and I didn't do them because I didn't know what it was and wasn't sure if I was allowed to do it. But I am now! So I will do that tag soon. I've watched and read loads of tags and I really want to start!
I'm sooo excited for Christmas and I hope you enjoy this tag x

1). Favourite winter nail polish? 

Well, that has to be Sephora by OPI in the colour Ms. Can't Be Wrong. It's gorgeous! I have other dark purples but this nail polish is the best! I love it so much :)

2). Favourite winter lip product? 

Vaseline! My must have lip product for winter is lip balm and the best one EVER is Vaseline. It smooths my lips, takes away the flakes and protects them from harsh cold winter weather. SHLICK!
I also love this set of lip glosses by Betty Boop. I would use Vaseline as a base then I would dab on one of these shimmering glosses and then.... B-BAM! I got sha-mazing lips.
(sorry got a bit over dramatic there)

3). Most worn winter clothing piece? 

My most worn clothing piece this winter is my brown leather jacket from Pimkie. I went to Madrid last year and bought this jacket in Pimkie and it's gorgeous! Pimkie is a European (France, Italy, Spain) shop I don't think it's in Ireland, UK or USA. It could be though!

4). Most worn winter accessory?

That's a hard one! Its between my red Superdry scarf or my black and grey gloves that I received last Christmas from a family member. Which do you prefer?

It closes over as a mitten too!

5). Favourite winter scent/candle? 

Christmas only begins when there is a scent of Christmas trees in my house! I love the smell of fir trees!
I have two Christmas trees in my house and here are a few pictures of them...

6). Favourite winter beverage? 

I'm not mad about hot chocolate or other hot drinks, which are all real wintery... but I do love 7up or Sprite! 

7). All time favourite Christmas/holiday movie? 

Home Alone!!! The best Christmas movie ever! I also love Elf and The Muppet Christmas Carol!

8). Favourite Christmas/Holiday song? 

I can't pick just one! Here's a few Christmas classics that I loooovve by Mariah Carey, Hayler Westerna, Justin Bieber and Wham! 

9). Favourite holiday food/treat?

Hmmmmm... Christmas dinner! Awww that roast turkey that we have every year is just divine!

10). What is your favourite Christmas decoration this year? 

I love some baubles on my trees and decorations on my mantelpiece.

Bert and Ernie

My mantelpiece

Snow globes are too cute

Mary and Baby Jesus on the donkey

11). What's at the top of your Christmas list? 

I really want the Xperia J phone. It's looks class!

It has a 4 inch screen, 5MP auto focus camera and is available in four different colours! I think I like pink the best.

I would also like:

Girls Manhattan Beach Shine Tee
        Girls Hollister JeggingDalderby Crew
Womens Morgan DressEmma Cami

They were just a few ideas to give to my wishlist for 'Santa'. I'm probably won't get everything here. :)

12). What are your plans for the Holidays this year? 
I'm most likely going to Mass (I'm a Cathloic) on Christmas Eve and, of course, will go to bed a bit late that night, cus I cannot sleep on Christmas Eve! I'm always too excited!
On Christmas morning I'll probably end up waking my parents and siblings at 7 am and will spend the morning giving and receiving presents.
I might see my cousins to give them their presents and my grandparents will be coming for Christmas dinner. So for the day I'll just be chilling with my family.

I will be posting an OOTD and Christmas Haul on St Stephens day if I get time, and before then I'll be posting some Blogmas posts on how I'm preparing for Christmas.

Stay tuned,

  For Now, Jane xox