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I'm back! A catch up and my Trinity College Dublin Bucket List - things I want to do before I move in August!

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OUTFIT | Christmas Corduroys, and how I'm spending my weeks off

Christmas Day has come and gone in a flash, but my month long break from college is only just beginning...

OUTFIT | The College Uniform, and life as a university student so far

It’s crazy to think that I only began university over two months ago. Everything from picking out outfits every day to making my way to the library has become routine, but there are always surprises around the corner every week.

FASHION | Dublin Town Fashion Festival: The Collective Show

I went to Dublin Town Fashion’s The Collective Show last week with Anna, and it was a fabulous evening packed with stunning outfits, all from shops in Dublin City centre...

OUTFIT | Black & White Stripes with New York Brownstones, and why 'Hamilton' on Broadway made me cry

The fact that this New York street photoshoot won't be my last and that Hamilton won't be the last Broadway show I see fills me up with so much excitement. Photoshoots and musicals in Manhattan will be in the near future, two years to be exact when I live there...