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OUTFIT | The 'Off the Shoulder' Top, and my plans for the rest of the summer

I'm all over the 'off the shoulder' look this summer, and day by day I want to add more and more to my collection...

MAKEUP | BPerfect x Stacey-Marie Carnival Palette Launch and First Impressions

There's nothing like being invited to a makeup launch to get you back into the blogging mood, especially if its for one of the hottest beauty releases as of late: the Carnival Palette from Stacey-Marie's collaboration with BPerfect Cosmetics. 

Bring on 2018... But, first, the Leaving Cert

It’s already been over a month since we shouted “Happy New Year” , and while I may still occasionally write “17” instead of “18", I know I have definitely long kissed 2017 goodbye.

OUTFIT | Christmas Chilling, and getting back to reality

The days coming up to Christmas were jam packed with oral exams and history research, so when the last day and our school's carol service rolled around, I couldn't believe it was 3 days to Christmas. Despite the mountains of Christmas homework I was given, I ditched the books and chilled out from then until after Stephen's Day.

OUTFIT | Denim for Days, and thoughts on entering Sixth Year

What I love about this denim jacket is that it is so easy to throw over any outfit, but will it just be as easy to throw my school bag over my shoulder and get my head stuck down for the Leaving Cert?